Raw milk is being vilified as is organic fresh veggies & natural forms of healing.  This isn’t just about Cannabis, it is about our “God” given right to consume what we think & know is best for our own bodies. If I want to eat carrots until I barf that is my prerogative, if I want to consume diet colas until I die of Cancer, heart disease, obesity etc that is my prerogative(not that I would ever drink another sode pop in my life, yeuck, just saying), likewise with anything else that I choose to put into my body. But I am sure going to take responsibility for my own expenses should I fall ill from my own selfish lifestyle choices.  I don’t want poisons forced on me by a “well meaning” Government & so called health care system that is totally self serving & fraudulent, while at the same time denying me the healthy natural ways to maintain & heal my body. I want the freedom to choose without coercion from criminal interests that could not care less about the health & welfare of you & me, John Q Public, as long as their profits keep rolling in. If fair & equal airtime were given to the healthy living side of the debate, the debate would truly be over as educating the masses with real truth would see an end to big chemical companies along with their attempts to “cull the herd”. Their MO is deceit deceit & more deceit regardless of the consequences.  Truthful education is the key to health freedom not propaganda that distorts the truth or tells out right lies to get the masses to believe that poisonous chemicals R good for us.  When prescribed Pharmaceuticals account for over 100000 deaths in the United states alone every year, some estimates put that # over 400000.  Big Pharma accounts for, in 1 way or another, between 750000 & 1.25 million deaths per year in the United States. They use propaganda advertising to convince us that we can’t live without it & they are protected by the corrupt Governments against liabilities for their poisons when they do injure & kill people. Follow Iceland’s lead & jail the corrupt politicians & Banksters that are destroying the economies of the world & holding us back from realizing our true potential. Iceland’s economy is doing better that Europe & America. It can be done, it has been done, we can do it so lets do it.  For over 1500 vid links including over 65 Documentaries to all things liberty plz visit my youtube page at “friendsoffreedom2012″Stay tuned for more freedom rants & share


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